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Among These Bones (Among These Bones Book 1)

Among These Bones (Among These Bones Book 1)

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Doomsday was bad enough...but then they took her son. 

Alison and her teenage son Arie survived a global pandemic, but the cure that keeps them alive also steals their memories. Living under the harsh rule of The Agency is grim, but Alison's world is torn apart when Arie goes missing. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking down to the day when her memories will be erased again.

Among These Bones asks, how far would a mother go to discover the truth? 

Among These Bones is intended for fans of dystopian, post-apocalyptic, survival, and pandemic fiction. Read the complete three book series today. 

“Creative, page-turning science fiction.” -Goodreads reviewer

“This was a story that grabs you by the imagination and takes you for a ride.” – Bookbub Reviewer

“The writing is great, the characters are well developed and the story is a perfect mix of everything that makes a 5 star read.” -Goodreads reviewer

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