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Books by A.M. Luzzader

Pet Magic: Trixie's Special Guests

Pet Magic: Trixie's Special Guests

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Did you know pet dogs brew magical potions and cast spells to help their humans with everyday problems? Enter the world of Pet Magic and join Trixie, Luna, and Bear, three pet pooches who use their magic to fight the Miseries, strange ghostly creatures who make humans sad, angry, and miserable.

Trixie is excited because her human's grandkids are coming to visit! But when they arrive, the kids are grumpy and bickering. Even the adults are grouchy! Could it be a case of the Miseries? Trixie's friends Luna and Bear help investigate, but can they find the source of the bad feelings before the visit is ruined? Find out in this fun and magical chapter book for kids!

Pet Magic is a series of illustrated pet adventure chapter books recommended for kids 6 through 10 years old, and they can be read in any order.
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