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Books by A.M. Luzzader

Small Flames: Jory the Orange Dragon

Small Flames: Jory the Orange Dragon

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Welcome to the Dragon Realm of Savra, where young dragons, known as Small Flames, compete in the yearly Fire Ridge Tournament to become Valor Dragons. Who will win? Who will be defeated? Each Small Flame has a different story!

Jory the Orange wants to be a Valor Dragon more than anything. However, he is small and not as strong as the other Small Flames. And so, Jory must practice extra and try harder. Worst of all, Jory can’t figure out how to defeat Sarc the Purple. Will Jory win his tournament fight and become a Valor Dragon? Or does life have a different plan for him? Find out in this chapter book adventure for kids!

Small Flames is an illustrated set of fantasy adventure books that can be read in any order. Recommended for ages six to ten.
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